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Commercial Services

Commercial Services
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Commercial Banking Services

Successful businesses require flexibility in their banking services. Our combination of technology and excellent service provides your company with the tools your business needs to be competitive.

  • Online Cash Management - Business banking online, anywhere, anytime gives you control, convenience and security. You can transfer funds, draft customer accounts for pre-authorized payments, initiate ACH or wire transfers, pay bills, pay vendors, even pay your payroll - 24/7.
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) allows you to deposit your check your checks electronically in the comfort and convenience of your own office, instead of driving to the branch, waiting in line and wating time that could otherwise be utilized for more productive endeavors. The entire process is efficient, secure and backed by the customer support group in the Commercial Banking Division.
  • Sweep Accounts with Overnight Investments - A sweep account offers an easy, convenient and fully automatic way to earn extra income on your cash balances
  • Zero Balance Accounts - links other accounts to your operating account for automatic funding as needed
  • Lockbox Service - we collect and process payments mailed by your customers and provide you with the remittance details on a daily basis. This gives you quicker access to your funds and minimizes your paper handling requirements.
  • Wire Transfers - Domestic and International - Whether you set them up through Online Cash Management or we originate them for you, Acacia Federal can send your domestic and international wires timely and efficiently.
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