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Personal Banking

Personal Banking
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Making Deposits to an Acacia Federal Account

When opening the account, deposits may be made:

  • By Mail to Acacia Federal Savings Bank, 7600 Leesburg Pike, East Building, Suite 200, Falls Church, Virginia 22043. Each time you make a deposit by mail, we will include a postage paid envelope with your receipt.
  • By Direct Deposit of Payroll, Social Security or other recurring payment. We will hold the account open for 60 days while you initiate the direct deposit.
  • By ACH Deposit. We can arrange a one-time ACH transaction to take funds from an account at another financial institution and deposit it to your Acacia Federal account.
  • By Wire Transfer using the following wiring instructions: Acacia Federal Savings Bank, Falls Church, Virginia, ABA 025673328, For further credit to your name and your account number if it has been issued to you.
  • At our branch location at the address shown in the "by mail" option above. Our office hours are 9:00am- 5:00pm EST Monday-Friday.

To make additional deposits to your Acacia Federal checking account, you may use the methods listed above and,

  • In participating ATMs. Acacia Federal checking customers can make deposits to their checking and savings accounts (if the savings account has been added to their Visa Check Card) in participating ATMs in the Star and CU24 ATM networks.

    Use the following locators to find ATMs near your home or office that will accept deposits to your Acacia Federal accounts:

    STAR Deposit ATM Locator

    Click on the link below. Fill in your home, work or other address. Select STAR SHARED DEPOSITS to find ATMs near you that will accept deposits to your Acacia Federal Accounts

    Find Star Deposit ATMs

    CU24 Deposit ATM Locator

    Click on the link below. Complete Step 1. In Step 2, select ALL FULL SERVICE/DEPOSIT TERMINALS

    Find CU24 Deposit ATMs

    (You can make withdrawals from your Acacia Federal accounts in all Star, CU24 and Cirrus ATMs.)

  • Online Bank-to-Bank Transfer allows you to transfer funds between your Acacia Federal checking account and accounts that you have with other financial institutions. You must be signed up for online banking to use Online Bank-to-Bank Transfer.
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