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Personal Banking

Personal Banking
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Funds Transfer

Transfer Funds Securely and Easily Online.

Need to move money from one account to another, or send money to friends or relatives? With Acacia Federal's Internet Banking and Online Funds Transfer, it's never been easier or more secure.

You can initiate transfers between your Acacia Federal accounts and accounts that you have at other financial institutions - from anywhere that you have Internet access - and 24/7 and 365.

To use Online Funds Transfer you need an Acacia Federal checking account and to sign up for online banking. Then you can choose any one of the following service types to meet your Funds Transfer needs:

  • Online Bank-to-Bank Funds Transfers to transfer funds ($2,000 daily limit, $5,000 monthly limit) between your Acacia Federal account and accounts at other Financial Institutions within 3 business days,
  • POPMONEY to transfer funds to a third party (up to $500 daily limit, $2,000 monthly limit).

You will receive ten (10) FREE Online Bank-to-Bank transfers per month when the funds are being transferred into your Acacia Federal account and one (1) FREE Online Bank-to-Bank transfer per month when the funds are being transferred out of your Acacia Federal Account. See the Funds Transfer Fee Schedule for other fee information.

Click here for complete instructions on using Acacia Federal's Online Funds Transfer product.

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