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Personal Banking

Personal Banking
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Retirement Account Program



Acacia Federal offers a free, tax-deferred Retirement Account Program designed to provide your clients with high-yielding investments to insure a comfortable future

  • IRA Options Available . . . invest in a Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE, or Roth IRA, or the Coverdell Education Savings account - whichever option best fulfills your retirement account needs.
  • Investment Terms to Meet Your Needs . . . 6-month to 5 year CDs available for those who want to maximize earnings, and the Statement Savings IRA for those in need of a short term investment or a place to accumulate funds.
  • New Accounts or "Rollovers" Accepted . . . you can "rollover" all or a portion of an existing IRA to an Acacia Federal IRA and continue to defer income taxes until you begin making withdrawals. Even if you have a retirement program elsewhere. You may make new contributions to an Acacia Federal IRA while retaining your existing account.
  • Periodic Statements Provided . . . statements detailing the amount of your contributions, tax-deferred interest earnings, and accumulated balance are mailed to you quarterly.
  • Knowledgeable IRA Personnel Available . . . by calling Acacia Federal at 1-800-950-0236 our staff can readily discuss IRA types, required minimum distributions, IRA rules, etc. (We cannot give tax advise nor can we tell you if you are qualified for a certain IRA type or for an IRA tax deduction. In these cases, we will refer you to your tax advisor.)
  • Investing Made Easy . . . Complete the On-Line Banking Application, then send us your check or wire transfer your funds (Wire transfer to and from Acacia Federal is free for On-Line Banking Customers). We will quickly send you all of the documents necessary to complete your IRA.

RATES: See current Rate Sheet. IRA CD's have the same rates as our regular CDs.

FEES: No Fees to open or maintain an IRA. See Fee Schedule for possible additional fees



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